The wristwatch is an extension of self,
a faithful friend, comfortable, reliable,
the means of managing the rhythm of
life and always a pleasure to behold.
It is a statement of today’s success and
the promise of tomorrow’s heirloom.
— Jonathan Povey
POVEY - Greenwich Observatory.jpg

Our Story

We are based in London, the home of Greenwich, where the world standard Greenwich Mean Time is set. Britishness is at the heart of who we are; we draw upon our history and seek to reflect this in all we do.

Timely solutions have long been sought by British innovators to mitigate danger on land and sea. Inspired by this resolute British spirit we have applied ourselves to creating a watch of note; a homage to their great achievements.

The oldest known name for the island of Great Britain, Albion, can be traced back to 320 BC through references by classical writers. It was in the convivial atmosphere of a British public house, named The Albion, that the design for our new collection was conceived.

And so it is that we proudly present The Albion, our inaugural watch borne of a very British venture.

Picture: Greenwich Observatory, London, Great Britain

POVEY - John Harrison.jpg

British Heritage

Our designs reflect the tenacious spirit of these timely British innovations.

The Longitude Act of 1714 resulted in John Harrison creating the first clock capable of travelling at sea whilst maintaining accurate time.

Railways revolutionised 1800s travel highlighting the need for consistent timekeeping across Britain, which responded by officially adopting Greenwich Mean Time in 1880.

Pocket watches emerged in the 1600s and endured until the early 1900s when the wristwatch, originally created for ease of access during the synchronisation of British battlefield manoeuvers, became established.

Picture: John Harrison

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British Leather

The British town of Walsall, long known as a centre of leather production, is where James and Emmanuel Sedgwick founded J & E Sedgwick & Co Ltd in 1900.

Sedgwick's hand finished bridle leather is created by master craftsmen using age-old skills. It is smooth, supple and durable with a depth of colour improved by age.

English leather enjoys a reputation for being the finest in the world and it is for this reason that POVEY has chosen Sedgwick's bridle leather for our watch straps.

Picture: Sedgwick & Co. leather tannery, Walsall, Great Britain