The British town of Walsall has long been known as a centre of leather production and it is here that James and Emmanuel Sedgwick founded J & E Sedgwick & Co Ltd in 1900 and where the company continues to operate to this day, having moved to its current premises in 1956. Sedgwick's began by supplying leather to the equestrian industry and over a century later is amongst the leading suppliers of equestrian leather in Walsall, drawing customers from throughout the UK and around the globe.

Sedgwick's Bridle Leather is smooth, supple and durable with a depth of colour that is enriched by age. It is created by master craftsmen utilising age-old skills in combination with traditional and modern tools; the labour intensive process begins with selecting hides of the very best grade and concludes with hand dressing and finishing by specialist Curriers whose sheer artistry and experience creates leather renowned for its outstanding quality.

Today, J & E Sedgwick & Co Ltd is part of the Clayton Leather Group, Britain’s largest vegetable tanning group with a heritage dating back to 1628.

English leather enjoys a reputation for being the finest in the world and for this reason many eminent brands, including POVEY, choose Sedgwick's Bridle Leather to create beautiful accessories for the discerning. 

Picture: Sedgwick & Co. leather tannery, Walsall, Great Britain

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