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The naissance of POVEY fulfils a long-harboured desire to create a business underpinned by core values of integrity, justice and excellence whilst pursuing an enduring fascination with wristwatches.

We are based in London, the home of Greenwich, where the world standard Greenwich Mean Time is set. Britishness is at the heart of who we are; we draw on our history and seek to reflect this in all we do. We are stirred by those who believed they could make a difference.

Adventure is integral to our nature.  We travel the world partnering with companies whose approaches are compatible with ours, sourcing the finest leathers and components; we work with established watch manufacturers in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Timely solutions have long been sought by British innovators to mitigate danger on land and sea. Inspired by this resolute British spirit we have applied ourselves to creating a watch of note; a homage to their great achievements.

The oldest known name for the island of Great Britain, Albion, can be traced back to 320 BC through references by classical writers. It was in the convivial atmosphere of a British public house named The Albion that the design for our new collection was conceived.

And so it is that we proudly present The Albion, our inaugural watch borne of a very British venture! It is a statement of today's success and the promise of tomorrow's heirloom.

We invite you to join us on this journey and share in our adventure!

Picture: Greenwich Observatory, London, Great Britain