POVEY epitomizes adventurous living, pursuing ambitions inspired by those who believed
they could make a difference.

We too want to make a difference. In 2019 we shall be launching The POVEY Foundation,
a charity dedicated to supporting the vulnerable and marginalised in society through
partnering with charities around the world.

The Foundation shall be funded by donations from POVEY, third party organisations and
private individuals. It shall exist to provide monetary donations and resources such as
sleeping bags, tents and clothing to our charitable partners.

We believe that by working together we can contribute to helping others make a fresh start
and rebuild their lives.


We have partnered with International Justice Mission, a global NGO.

International Justice Mission is a leading NGO fighting to end slavery in our lifetime.

Working in 18 locations globally, IJM finds out where slavery and oppression is happening.
They train and partner with local law enforcement to rescue victims,
restore survivors and bring criminals to justice so that they can’t abuse anyone else.  

IJM has helped rescue over 47,000 people from slavery and oppression.
People like sex trafficking survivor Deisi who, after being rescued, said: “No-one can say ‘I prefer not to be free’.
Freedom is something we all want and we all deserve.”

Join the fight until all are free: